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P.O. Box 39,
FLINDERS LANE     VIC     8009
(Level 8, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne)
Telephone:  9629 2648
Facsimile:   9629 2064

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Carry On
"Lest We Forget The Living"





Welcome to CARRY ON ( Victoria )

Two of the founding members of the club had been Battalion Stretcher Bearers in the Battlefields of France. On one occasion, in the aftermath of a battle, they picked up a wounded soldier and were on their way back with him to the Aid Post when they came across another wounded soldier whose perceived need was greater. As they stopped to effect the transfer, the wounded soldier on the ground waved them on, saying, "Don't worry about me. Look after the other fellow. Carry On! Carry On!". They did so, but when they returned to pick him up he was dead. Obviously they were affected by this incident and remembered it when they were looking for something that would be appropriate to the underlying philosophy of selflessness and dedication to comrades that was to be the clubs ethos.

It is a credit to Bill Hawkins' planning and to the farsightedness of those at the inaugural meeting, that the administrative structure adopted enabled Carry On to become effective in a relatively short time. Area Groups were set up and Committees established for specific purposes. Administration costs were to be covered by members subscriptions and are kept separate from Welfare Funds.

  2012 AGM
2012 Annual General Meeting.
Executive Board
2012 Executive Board.
When a small group of ex-serviceman met in Melbourne on 12 July 1932 to form what was later named the Carry On Club, they could scarcely have imagined that their group would still be flourishing during the next century, celebrating 80 years in 2012.

The history of Carry on both explains the reasons for the success of the Club and provides much interesting and very human material about its leaders and its activities.
The emphasis on direct and hands on involvement of its members and the decision to keep the organisation small were critical to the success achieved. When there was less need for direct assistance, the Club showed its flexibility by altering its focus and their dependants.

Carry On never saw itself as in competition with the other larger organisations serving ex-serviceman and women. Rather it complemented their work. The club offers a good illustration of how our generous Australian society supports and nurtures so many different and valuable voluntary organisations which enrich this great country,


The badge of "Carry On" is in itself of little intrinsic value, but is symbolic of a great deal. In the Centre is placed the Rising Sun. This of course is carried on from the old A.I.F. to represent the virtues of self sacrifice, comradeship and mutual assistance, which probably reached a higher level in the A.I.F., than ever before. Therefore, we endeavour to carry out these ideals, with the spirit of the A.I.F. represented in the badge as our central point.
Circling and enclosing the badge is the Laurel Wreath, a symbol of victory, and an honourable reward for services rendered.
To render assistance effectively and without ostentation, so far as within our power lies, to the indigent and needy sufferers of War is the service that is symbolized by the design of this badge.
A contemplation of the badge should at all times make an appeal to our better selves, and the wearing of it will constitute acknowledgement of a sacred obligation, so that as time goes on, it will stand as a symbol of honor in Australia.
  Tertiary Grant
2012 Tertiary Grant recipients.


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