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P.O. Box 39,
FLINDERS LANE     VIC     8009
(Level 8, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne)
Telephone:  9629 2648
Facsimile:   9629 2064

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Carry On
"Lest We Forget The Living"
CARRY ON ( Victoria ) - Dandenong Branch

Alan Lind in 1971, called together fifteen members who formed a branch in Dandenong.

Alan, who had been Leader and Secretary of the Mildura Group in the fifties, and a Member of Parliament, was a great supporter of the Club.

He inspired the branch members to become very active and supportive of Carry On projects, as well as leading them to accept responsibility for contact work with welfare cases in their area.

Besides fundraising, members have accepted a major role in establishing and managing the Homes for the Aged Units at Noble Park.

Jack Wade, Ron Doig, Wes Runting, Tom Mason, Peter Gromm and John Wells have made considerable contributions of time and effort over the years, and two Carry On Presidents, Ken Lambourne and Jim Banks, have come from the Dandenong Branch.

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  Carry On - Dandenong

Early Memories of the Dandenong Branch

Carry On - Dandenong   The inaugural meeting of the Dandenong Branch was held at my home in Emerald on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The President of Carry On, Les Hooper, chaired the meeting, which elected Alan Lind as Leader, and myself as secretary. Being a warm December day suitable for refreshments helped to cement the bonds between the members. Because we had a good relationship with Dandenong RSL, we were able to conduct our meeting in their boardroom, with occasional meetings at the clubrooms of other RSL branches in town. In the early 1970's not all WW2 ex-servicemen were eligible for service pensions, so we were kept busy with welfare work in our area. However the number of cases began to taper off in the eighties as more ex-servicemen reached pension age. Our first fundraising function was a Sunday BBQ, to which some VFL footballers and jockeys were invited. Unfortunately the footballers did not arrive, but Peter Bakos, Alan Trevena, Paul Jarman and Gary Willets did, and they entertained us with many hilarious anecdotes from the racing world. They were all through gentlemen, a credit to their industry, and not one of them asked for appearance money. The passing of Alan Lind was a sad loss for the Dandenong Branch, his enthusiastic approach and wide experience inspired members, and he was sorely missed. Fortunately other members came to the forefront, and the Branch continued to operate effectively having considerable input into projects that helped to obtain Homes for the Aged in Noble Park.
Jim Banks (First Dandenong Branch Secretary)


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