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P.O. Box 39,
FLINDERS LANE     VIC     8009
(Level 8, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne)
Telephone:  9629 2648
Facsimile:   9629 2064

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Carry On
"Lest We Forget The Living"
CARRY ON ( Victoria ) - Mildura Branch

In Mildura on 11 June 1934 Harry Harrison, John Barrow, Harry Blacket, Alan Hutchinson and Charlie Hillman established the first branch, and it has operated continuously and effectively since that date, with membership being maintained around thirty for most of the time.

The Mildura Group has over the years, provided many support services for needy ex-servicemen in the district, and their dependants have been given welfare and educational assistance. Besides this work in their local area, they have supported many state-wide projects by activities such as donating fruit to the Hurlingham Boys Home, and making wooden articles for Red Cross during WW2.

In 1942 the Mildura Group showed its initiative by convening a meeting of all Service Clubs in the Sunraysia District to do everything possible to assist members of the Second A.I.F. and their dependants, and to prevent any overlapping in the efforts of the clubs. From this meeting a Service Clubs Information and Assistance Bureau was established.

Mildura has led the way with the building of Carry On Homes for the Aged.

  Carry On - Mildura

Carry On - Mildura




Eighteen units have been constructed there in three stages at a cost of $256,000. The first stage was opened in 1969 after Carry On had negotiated to purchase the land, obtained a government grant, prepared plans with the support of Alex Thomson, the City Engineer, as 'Project Architect', called tenders, signed contracts for the building and the furnishings, and selected the tenants. A Mildura member, 'Buller' Box, gave great impetus to the project by leaving $24,000 to Carry On. Golf Days were conducted most successfully for the group for more than twenty-five years, with Bob Hunt and Bill Lowrey doing a great deal of the work and organisation that was involved.

There has always been strong liaison and good co-operation between the Executive Board of Carry On and the Mildura Group with members of the Board making regular visits to the Sunraysia District where among other functions, they were usually fed and entertained by members of 'The Witchetty Tribe', a group of local businessmen who look after visitors and raise money for charities.

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