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P.O. Box 39,
FLINDERS LANE     VIC     8009
(Level 8, 1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne)
Telephone:  9629 2648
Facsimile:   9629 2064

All contributions of $2.00 or more are tax deductible

Carry On
"Lest We Forget The Living"
About CARRY ON ( Victoria )

When the small group of ex-servicemen met in Melbourne on 12 July 1932 to form what was later named the Carry On Club, they could scarcely have imagined that their group would still be flourishing at the end of the century.

Carry On is still providing support and assistance to many ex-service personnel and their dependents who are in needy circumstances and who are not eligible for support from government Departments or other Welfare Agencies.

During the last twelve months more than $101,000 was provided for welfare support, in addition to $71,600 that was given as educational assistance. These amounts were expended in many ways including tertiary education grants, providing Christmas hampers, rehabilitation, and assisting with primary and secondary school expenses, as well as direct support with money to pay for food, clothing, accommodation and medical expenses. The educational assistance was given to 22 families, and 105 cases, including 40 new ones received welfare support.

Contributions were also made to the Vasey Hostels to help provide accommodation for ex-servicewomen and the widows of ex-servicemen, and to Ward 17, at which was previously known as the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, which is now part of Austin Health, to assist with the purchase of specialized medical equipment.

More than four million dollars has been spent by Carry On in building Homes for the Aged, and these units continue to provide low-cost accommodation for elderly ex-servicemen and their dependents who are in needy circumstances.

In addition to these services Carry On also provides guidance, advice and friendly support in many other cases where applicants for government and other benefits, are unsure of their entitlements or bewildered by the procedures necessary to obtain what are their rights. In co-operation with other organizations, they have assisted in establishing Veteran Support Centre's in several regions to help co-ordinate and simplify access to the various sources of support that are available.

One very important aspect of Carry On's work has been the excellent relationship it has established, and still enjoys, with relevant government departments, and other bodies such as Legacy, the RSL, and Unit Associations. In particular, the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) has always worked extremely co-operatively with Carry On.

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